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  • Olive Peshtemal Towel - 100%Cotton
  • Olive Peshtemal Towel - 100%Cotton

    • ₦12,000

    Cotton Peshtemals. Cotton Peshtemals are very permeable, antistatic and absorbent. They retain their colours and attractiveness no matter the frequency of washing, making them very economical. How is a Peshtemal towel different from a normal or terry towel? Peshtemals are hand-woven from 100% natural yarn of Turkish cotton, linen, bamboo or silk. They absorb water better than a terry towel and dry very quickly. Peshtemals are lightweight, thin and super absorbent, making them excellent quick dry bath towels and ideal as beach towels or baby wrap. They are big and very compact when folded. Unlike a thick terrycloth towel, Peshtemals are flat-woven with a smooth, soft texture. They are also super trendy and offer an infinite design and colour options. Various uses of Peshtemal Towels Peshtemal are suitable for everyday use in the shower or bath – they are soft, light and absorbent and ideal for baby and sensitive skin.

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